python-ooi - OpenStack OCCI Interface

License: ASL 2.0
ooi is an implementation of the Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI) for


python-ooi-1.0.0-1.el7.centos.noarch [252 KiB] Changelog by Alvaro Lopez Garcia (2017-04-03):
- 2e6c6b2 Merge "Included OCCI IPReservation support"
- 7566dce Included OCCI IPReservation support
- 0549ee1 Check if project id is None from headers
- ddbe190 doc: Add upgrade instructions and references to OCCI 1.2
- 98af646 Merge "Security Group support for Nova and Neutron"
- d01e7b0 Merge "Include OCCI Security Group infrastructure"
- 0073c37 Documentation for ooi_secure_proxy_ssl_header
- b0ac957 Change Python 3.3 support to 3.4
- 59e75c3 docs: fix docstring
- 79c830b docs: fix underline for section
- 9952ec8 Merge "docs: update pipelines for Mitaka and Newton"
- 6ead85f docs: update pipelines for Mitaka and Newton
- 4cfa69d Merge "docs: clean up environment before building"
- d1da7a1 Add option to handle SSL termination proxies
- ecf2992 Security Group support for Nova and Neutron
- 647740e Include OCCI Security Group infrastructure
- a8cfcb5 Do not crash on volume attachments without device
- 37d7dbf docs: clean up environment before building
- bb194c3 Add categories to resource links
- e2207d7 Check if router exists on network creation
- e30fdd7 OCCI 1.2 Contextualization
- db9dae4 Update link handling in parser
- a74fdd5 OCCI 1.2 JSON parser
- f6061d4 JSON serializer
- 38cccfe Return collections instead of object lists
- 43995a9 Improve Collection rendering
- 3ee034c OCCI 1.2 json rendering
- 967f1a2 Increase attribute types
- 1df2897 Parse attributes according to their types
- 32ef451 Removes unnecessary utf-8 encoding
- e2c1c97 Add PyPI badge
- bd63013 Merge "add bandit security linter"
- f1389f3 Merge "utils: remove use of assert"
- 8799578 Merge "Refactoring of parser tests"
- 9f5a7ad add bandit security linter
- 6ff6a31 utils: remove use of assert
- 142f632 Create compute: split in separate headers.
- 6a510f6 Refactoring of parser tests
- 6f9cafa Isolation of rendering tests
- 84e4d66 Adapt attributes definition to OCCI 1.2
- d2c2238 Adapt Mixin to OCCI 1.2
- ecaaa3c Adapt Kind to OCCI 1.2
- 75c210c fix functional testing

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